dinsdag 8 juni 2010


skin care system in just 3 steps.
I have use this product now for 4 weeks.
and i can say it realy helps you skin get better and softer.
i have great skin now i use it in the morning and befor i go to bed.
i love this product.

you need
- clinique in your skin typ. the have 1,2,3
- towel
- cotton pads
- washcloth

how to use
* step1 first step put low water on your washcloth than 1 drop of the clinique facial soap. wash your face with it than put low water on you face to wash off the facial soap

* step2 take 1 cotton pad en put the clarifying lotion on it
than pad it over your face and leace it like that. wacht out for your eye!!!

* step3 take the dramatically different moisturizing lotion put it on you finger top
than put it on your face like a daycreme, now your ready for o good clear face for the day or night,

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  1. This is my fav moisturizer cream, i lo0v it, please follow back Britters89.blogspot.com